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In years of experience, I contributed to numerous projects that helped clients achieve their goals. I am available for taking on new work. For any questions, comments, or concerns as far as commissions of any kind, please see my contact information page and get in touch with me!

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My skills and specialities include Painting, Fashion, Writing and Journalism, Dancing, and soon to come, “YouTubing”, Beauty, and Poetry.

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who is cj?

Christina Collins, better known as Cj, was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. She began her artistic expressions at an extremely early age and continued on until this present day. She has always been a very eclectic person and always been one to wear many hats in the creative realm. Cj was also very much known for doing her own thing, standing out from the crowd, and marching to the beat of her own drum. When she was a baby her family noticed these things and started her creative journey right away. At the tender age of 3, Cj began to sing, play the violin, dance, and start creating artwork.

As a child, Cj was NEVER quiet. She was always singing or whistling a made up tune. Both of her parents sang, so she was no stranger to singing melodies and harmonies. She learned most of what she knows about singing from singing in the church choir and on the youth Praise Team as a teenager. She also played the violin for 10 years before trying out other instruments. She, alongside her older sister, played for many churches, homes for senior citizens, weddings, and other events at very early ages. After Cj was done with the violin at age 13, she self-taught herself the piano and the guitar. She still has (and plays) her very first guitar!

Cj’s mother taught her the basics of dance very young, as she was the church worship dance teacher. From her mother and other ladies who danced at the church, she learned many different styles of dance and techniques that she would carry throughout her whole dance life. When she got older she began to take part in all kinds of dance classes and workshops and hopes to one day have her own dance class!

As far as art, Cj has always had an eye for visual art. From the time she was able to use a pen and pencil, she was always creating something for somebody! As she got older, her skills developed beautifully. She didn’t take her first art class until her senior year of high school, and her first piece one of her final projects from that class! From that moment on, she began painting more, ending up vending events and being featured on blogs all over the region for her talent. Her talents were so known that she even got a chance to work on two murals for the City of Norfolk during the summer of 2018, which can be seen at the court building Downtown and covering the bathroom at Lafayette Park in Norfolk! Cj credits her success to that 12th grace art class, where she learned and instilled the foundations and of art that she needed to truly be the successful artist that she is today.

As well as music, dance, and art, she began to write in the 5th grade. Her Creative Writing teacher, Miss Carol, always told her about her gift of writing articles, poetry, and even books. When she was just 12, she became the head editor of a class of high school students and even a published poet in two poetry books!

So, as you can see, Cj has an extensive list of abilities and she hopes to share every single one of them with you. She also hopes that you not only enjoy, but fall in love with every creative endeavor she takes part in. Thank you for being here today! 🖤

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